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Website Development


Web development has come a long way since the early 1990s. Web portals collect customer information, present marketing information, stream media, manage support, and process payments via e-Commerce. The days of a static HTML page with some CGI are gone. Websites must be fully responsive, mobile friendly, scale, and comply with the Web 2.0/HTML5 standards. Mashed Up's websites are all fully "responsive".  With today's high definition monitors currently up to 4k, your website needs the infrastructure to display properly.  Ultra High Definition (UHD) and 4k resolutions demand a pixel ferocious website.

We use the Drupal content management system as well as Node JS for our web development projects.  Drupal powers some of the largest sites on the web,, Fortune 500 enterprises, multi-platinum artists, publishing companies, and many other high traffic niches and industries with heavy media and publishing demands.  Whether you have a massive ecommerce store, a car dealership that could use a better online presence, company blog, or anything, Mashed Up Atlanta Website Development is here for you!



We build custom commerce platforms to open your products and services to the world.  We handle all aspects of your commerce development, including working with you to develop your catalog, customize reports, integrate with your CRM, select and integrate with a payment gateway, integrate logistics and distribution, inventory management, fullfilment, and every aspect of the supply chain.  We help you open your business to the world.

We use the Drupal Commerce platform, the most powerful and flexible commerce framework in the world.  The building blocks of Drupal used to construct a site are the same used in DC, giving us seemless integration into the core site.  The developers of Drupal Commerce built the platform with a philosophy to never assume an organizations business case.

Mobile Development


The growth of the smartphone and tablet industry over the past five years has been incredible. We now take for granted everyday functions like finding directions from our current location, web browsing, and watching video on our phones and tablets. With this growth comes a responsibility for developers to make their interfaces user friendly for these devices. Smartphones and tablets (iPhone, Android phones, iPad, Android tablets, etc) have their own display viewports in portrait and landscape. Our web development always assumes responsive design for tablets and phones, enhancing the user experience of your site.

For native development, we use PhoneGap, a development framework that allows us to write once using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and have it compiled to the various mobile platforms.