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social media marketing in Atlanta
social media marketing in Atlanta

Social media marketing is best used when it has a direct purpose. The good news is our Mashed Up Atlanta social media team can pull a lot of weight for virtually any type of company. Some of the more powerful ways in which a company can put social media to work is to use it for:

▪ Increasing company exposure to the public;
▪ Increasing brand awareness;
▪ Instilling trust between buyer and dealer;
▪ Reducing company marketing costs;
▪ Delivering timely updates to potential customers.

You will notice that increasing sales is not on that list. This does not mean that social media cannot help your business increase its sales, but the sale itself should be considered the last step in the buying decision. All of the above listed actions are steps that must be taken "before" a consumer signs the dotted line. Just because social media is the new wonder-kid on the marketing block does not mean that it has the ability to negate the buying-decision steps consumers take when they are considering a purchase.

Instead, social media allows companies to expand and broaden their scope. Because social media is virtually free to use, diligent companies can address a wide variety of issues that their potential customers will be interested in. But, regardless of the issue being addressed, the messaging has to be performed correctly or it will be ineffective. This is where your Mashed Up Atlanta expert social media marketing and management team comes to play! What is Social Media Management?

Readers of social media do not want to be "hard sold" by anyone, and that includes your company’s social media. The way a company presents itself its sales message will have a direct effect on the effort's results. It only takes a second for a potential buyer to click off your message and go elsewhere, and that is precisely what many viewers do once they sniff out that you are trying to lure them into a sale. Don't do that!

The more effective way to use social media is to use it to form and strengthen relationships between your company and the consumer. It is entirely acceptable to "lead" a consumer toward a sale, but not acceptable to "push" the consumer toward one as they will almost certainly bolt as soon as they suspect that they are being "sold to".

So, why are we talking about this? The answer is simple: your social media messaging is crucial to its success. The problem is most people / businesses have no idea how to effectively craft a message that will lead a prospect forward rather than push the prospect backward. This is where working with a professional and experienced SEO company such as Mashed Up Atlanta can pay off handsomely. We know how to keep your audience informed and interested in your social media message without being too pushy. That level of expertise in messaging is what many companies are missing when it comes to their social media campaigns.

Here are some ideas of how your company can put social media to better use and, ultimately, increase sales:

Give your social media visitors a sneak peek at new products, something that they won't see elsewhere. This can be done with a few simple photos or video clips uploaded to your social media pages.

Offer your visitors something only remotely connected to your overall business model. For instance, you may wish to set up a page that details important safety information for new drivers (teen drivers who may be getting their first vehicle).

Introduce your staff (via photos and short bios) so visitors can actually see who they will be working with at your company location. This can be especially effective in smaller, rural areas where people often know each other or went to school together in the past.

Use your social media outlets to set up a special "online only" deal. For instance, give a passcode to your social media readers that reward them with a small, inexpensive gift if they visit your business on a certain day or during a certain week.

Use your social media power to help boost local community and charitable events. By showing your visitors that you are a part of the community, you give your company "heart", something that is woefully lacking in today's business communities. For example help promote local Gwinnett County, or Atlanta nonprofit events.

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