Facebook Purchased Mobile Messaging App WhatsApp

Why did Facebook buy WhatsApp?

Powerful Web dynamics at play: Massive global reach at nearly zero marginal cost. Facebook buys WhatsApp in what appears to be a strategic defensive move against Google and Microsoft!

Website Development vs Website Design

Website Design and Website Development. You hear these terms tossed around whenever topics related to the internet are brought up. But do you really know what they mean? Their is a distinct difference. You need both website design and website development when it comes to designing a truly top-notch website. Read on and learn more! Leave a comment and you will be automatically entered to win a $50 Visa gift card. Great chance you will win!

Social Media BS

Toothpaste Rumor

Have you seen the latest social media buzz surrounding toothpaste tubes? Yes there is a post warning viewers to check the color on the bottom of their toothpaste tubes.  You better look inside the post for more!

Why Content Is Important For Your Website

Website Content

Is your business regularly providing new and updated content for it's website?  If not, your company's web presence could be in trouble. The slogan "Content is King" has truth to back it up.  Content is a topic that has become very popular for bloggers and businesses alike and for good reason, since regularly publishing content on your website affects your business.

Facebook Home

Facebook Home App

What's up with Facebook Home now that it’s been out for several months, and where do we see it going in the future?  When will Facebook Home be available for Apple iPhone?  Here’s what you need to know to get the latest updates on Facebook Home, and answer any and all questions about Facebook that you may have from the mobile perspective.


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